Eclair LED Face Mask

Eclair LED Face Mask

Eclair Korea, Republic of

This 67.5g ultralight LED mask is designed to ensure a comfortable experience. Made from 96 LEDs, an optimal amount to maximize skin improvements, with 3 different light settings to provide benefits for various skin concerns. You can easily connect this mask to the USB cable provided when using without getting heated, as there isn't a built-in battery. Certified Stable from the Eye Damage Prevention Rating by KTL. 3 Light Settings | RED Light (630-635nm) : Improves fine lines / elasticity ORANGE Light (590-600nm) : Brightens skin tone / complexion BLUE Light (465-470nm) : Shrinks pores / Anti bacterial. A box has LED Mask (1pcs), Eye Shield (1 pcs), 1.5m USB Cable (1 pcs) and Guide Book (1pcs), 6 Months Warranty

2,300,000 ₫

Thông tin
thương hiệu : Eclair
Cân nặng : 0.1 KG
Ngày hết hạn : -
Sản xuất : Korea, Republic of
Loại da thích hợp : For all types of Skin including Sensitive skin
Thành phần chính :
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Eclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face MaskEclair LED Face Mask
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